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Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? The conversation Mac has at the breakfast table with his mother, I was weeping! Gunther Duchene and Macalister Jones have been best friends and friends with benefits for the last twenty something years. With retirement approaching, both men are both elated and depressed with their pending exit from the military.

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Having not shared the intensity of their feelings for each other, the mutual interest in taking that relationship to the next level, they are both suffering thinking retirement also means losing the benefits part of their friendship. Within an hour of the book starting Gunny and Mac have a heart to heart and talk to each other, share their feelings and agree to take that next step. But retirement is a few months away, and DADT has not quite yet been repealed on paper, so the two men have to continue to keep their relationship under wraps for a little while longer.

The strain doesn't come from the DADT aspect so much as the fact they've actually been living their lives in secrecy with their family and friends as well.


They both fear how their parents especially will react to learning not only are their respective sons gay, but they are lovers as well instead of merely best friends. This story was so well written and conveyed that I was engaged and intrigued throughout.

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I loved the way there was this sprinkle of BDSM in the story, whereas Gunny has a kinky side and occasionally, Mac has to be a bit more stern with him than usual. I mean, I've read alpha male storylines before where both men are the archa type, but I don't think I've ever read any type of BDSM where the willing partners are so equally matched. It was a nice surprise. The love and respect that these two men shared was so compelling, that I was completely enamored with them.

And the conversation that Mac had with his mom over breakfast completely restored my faith in parents loving unconditionally. I have to say I was very impressed with his voice, the way he brought Gunny and Mac to life was amazing. There is a couple times where Gunny is really put through the ringer emotionally and Young captured the pain and confusion he was feeling in the tone he chose to use at that time. He really immersed himself into the story completely as well, right down to every moan, groan and sexy little detail.

I mean, two career Marines getting together? All that manliness and testosterone?!

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And some mild kink never hurt anyone, nuh uh. Let's get right to it. I'm historically not a fan of established couples, and this book is basically an established couple story. One of the problems that I had with this story was that I found Gunny and Mac's relationship to be a bit Without the excitement of a new relationship, I struggled a bit to get into the two guys as a couple. However, at the same time, I found their devotion and understanding of one another to be very touching.

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Kink-wise, I was pretty "meh". I always like a good power play, but I was a little take it or leave it here. I think it made some of the sex scenes super hot, but there are a LOT of sex scenes in this book, and they began to feel a little rote for me after a time. The story was an interesting one, and I liked learning about Gunny and Mac's families and their personal issues, as well as the "coming out in the military" plot. Though I found the story to be a little ambitious in terms of the amount of things that it covered, as well as a little slow, I liked it overall and found it to be mostly entertaining.

Now for my review of the audio.

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The narrator,Jonathan Young, did a decent job of the audio, even though I didn't love his voices for the MCs. They were a little over-exaggerated and growly for my tastes, and not in a particularly sexy way. However, I found him to be easy listening, and I would listen to another book by this narrator again.

I think that if you like established couple stories, military stories, and some light kink, you should certainly check this one out. Though it wasn't a stand-out for me, I can see why it is a favorite of many readers. Fortunately, this concern is rapidly dispelled by Mac, who is not only psyched about the end of DADT, psyched about retirement, but wants to marry Gunny and walk hand in hand with him at their retirement ceremony to show all other closeted gay military men that true, tough, and honored marines can be gay too.

Coming out to their friends, family and their community.

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Neither man can predict which of those will be the toughest, but they are at least doing it together. There is relatively no angst, though plenty of emotion. This book makes a unique, original, and invaluable contribution to the design literature and design ethics scholarship. Scholars, professors, students, and professionals in all design disciplines, as well as any person involved in arts, humanities, philosophy, social sciences, and engineering, will find philosophical insights that will challenge design thinking and inspire them to rethink design ethics as an agency of human existence making instead of code compliance.

Making a case for existentialist design ethics, this book lays the ground for a radical transformation of how we conceive design, ethics in design practice, and the role of designers in the world. His research, philosophical in nature, explores design and design ethics from an existential perspective.

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It has been published in prominent academic journals and volumes such as The Design Philosophy Reader, translated into Chinese, and presented at conferences and universities worldwide. He is also an associate of The Studio at the Edge of the World, an innovative interdisciplinary and international design research and think-tank partnership, created and directed by the world renowned design theorist and scholar Tony Fry. Health Sciences. Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. Social Sciences. Subscribe to our newsletter. Register Log in My Order 0 Wishlist 0.