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But let us describe the collections and retrace their origins before suggesting a hypothesis on the reasons of their creation. Fabietti felt embarrassed for commissioning those authors works without giving any news on the outcome A couple of months later, in October , Fabietti expressed his concern for the success of such a series to Bemporad, who by then was the exclusive publisher 14 :. As a matter of fact, in his letter, Fabietti mentioned a meeting, held in Milan city hall on 6th November i.

The aim of the meeting was to reflect on the future of popular readings in a period where the publishing industry had to face major difficulties, such as the increased price of paper Fabietti insisted on the lack, in the Italian book market of the time, of cheap adaptations and popularisations of the classics that he judged essential for popular acculturation. Actually, the volumes are particularly fine, if compared with popular collections of the time; they even had, in the first phase , decorated Art Nouveau guards by Ezio Anichini, one of the most renowned illustrators working for Bemporad at that time Ill.

Il volto del male - Killer della mezzanotte

Publishers were persistently experimenting new strategies for reaching and luring the new emerging audiences. Not always such activities had a proper outcome: it was not infrequent that previously published books were collected under a generic title as if they were a collection, but without any project subtended.

Italian to English Translation of Dante Alighieri's Inferno: Canto III

Thirdly, a real strategy of the publishing series was still to be defined. In the post-war period a strong concern for innovative promotion strategies led to further success. Fabietti had to remind his publisher that they should go ahead with the publication The rest of the titles was going to be abandoned Fabietti was not offered the chance to discuss such decision, nevertheless this would have been useless, since, a couple of months later, the publisher announced his intention to definitively stop the collection Such statements allow us to suggest that school market still represented a relief valve for publishers, which also explains the persisting presence in the market of a number of paraliterary educational works.

The subtitle reveals that the series was born and conceived as a didactic tool, benefitting from the interest in school libraries, on which pedagogues and intellectuals had insisted since the previous century A study on the subsidiary activities for primary teaching in , insisted on how each classroom should be equipped with a small library, its books being purchased by the pupils themselves when possible , combined with a central school library financed by the municipality As a matter of fact, in this case, the word Bibliotechina [Small library], not only alludes to a metaphoric library given to the pupils, but proposes a complete collection to be offered to teachers and school administrations, so that they could feel guided in their purchase for school libraries.

Schools and school libraries were meant as a potential and useful customer for such volumes.

And who better than Ettore Fabietti could conceive, for Bemporad, a collection responding to such expectations? You proposed some, but no one of them met my satisfaction. The latter, as we know, was accepted by Bemporad. Nonetheless, it was time to get to work, since the threat of competitors was around the corner: in Fabietti informed Bemporad that the Turinese Paravia had 30 volumes of a similar collection in course of publication There would be no didactic purpose, even though the stories would inevitably contain examples of morality, edifying maxims, etc.

Actually the title pages contained a reading suggestion, i. Fabietti had actually expressed a doubt on giving such indication, since he had noticed that some texts were fitting various grades 64 ; at the same time, it was easier to find materials for the third than for the second grade Bemporad, however, decided to keep such distinction. On the contrary, characters are all mean subjects and the story is the one of a misdeed. Vieri — and that is strange!

LArte DellAssassino Italian Giuseppe Fabrizi PDF F8968cdc1

But the material aspect also had to be cared for. Therefore he insisted that each volume had to contain two plates 71 , while Bemporad had previously proposed one 72 , that must have seemed appropriate for very thin volumes of , maximum 36 pages. Bemporad himself had proposed a cardboard binding 76 and the result is particularly fine volumes, in spite of their thinness.

Con voce singhiozzante si rivolge a Scarpia che sta impassibile e silenzioso. Intanto Spoletta brontola preghiere sottovoce: Judex ergo cum sedebit quidquid latet apparebit nil inultum remanebit. Son io che cosi torturate! Torturate l'anima Scoppia in singhiozzi strazianti. Si, l'anima mi torturate! Mario, will you let me speak? What do you know and what can you say? Spoletta goes into the torture chamber, returning after a moment.

Tosca, overcome with emotion, has fallen prostrate on the sofa. Sobbing, she appeals to Scarpia. He stands silent and impassive. Spoletta, meanwhile, mumbles a prayer under his breath: Judex ergo cum sedebit quidquid latet apparebit nil inultum remanebit. It is I you tor ture so. It is my spirit Scarpia, profittando dell'accasciamento di Tosca, va presso la camera di tortura e fa cenno di ricominciare il supplizio. Un grido orribile si fa udire. Voglio vederlo. Scarpia, profiting from Tosca's breakdown goes towards the torture chamber and orders the resumption of the torment.

I want to see him. Sciarrone re-enters and then Cavaradossi, in a faint, carried by the policemen, who lay him on the sofa. Tosca runs up, but on seeing her lover spattered with blood, covers her face in fright and sgomentata, si copre il volto. Poi, vergognosa di questa sua debolezza, si inginocchia presso di lui, baciandolo e piangendo.

Sciarrone, Roberti, il giudice e lo scrivano escono dal fondo, mentre, ad un cenno di Scarpia, Spoletta ed i birri si fermano. Then, ashamed of her show of weakness, she kneels beside Cavaradossi, kissing him and weeping. Sciarrone, Roberti, the judge and the scribe go out at the rear.

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At a sign from Scarpia, Spoletta and the policemen stay behind. Oh, my soul! But this just God will punish him! Va, Spoletta. M'hai tradito! Get him, Spoletta. Bad news! What defeat? Cavaradossi, che con ansia crescente ha udito le parole di Sciarrone, trova nel proprio entusiasmo la forza di alzarsi minaccioso in faccia a Scarpia.

L'alba vindice appar che fa gli empi tremar! Melas has fled! Cavaradossi, having listened to Sciarrone with anxious expectation, now, in sheer enthusiasm, finds the strength to rise threateningly towards Scarpia. The avenging dawn now rises to make the wicked tremble! And liberty returns, the scourge of tyrants! Have pity on me!

And now your blood runs cold, o Scarpia carnefice! Tosca, aggrappandosi a Cavaradossi, tenta, con parole interrotte, di farlo tacere, mentre Scarpia risponde a Cavaradossi con un sarcastico sorriso. T'affretta a palesarmi il fondo dell'alma ria!

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Va, moribondo, il capestro t'aspetta! Grida agli sbirri: Portatemelo via! Sciarrone e gli sbirri s'impossessano di Cavaradossi, e lo trascinano verso la porta. La porta si chiude e rimangono solamente Scarpia e Tosca. Si avvicina alla tavola, vede la sua cena lasciata a mezzo, e ritorna calmo a sorridente.

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Tosca clutches Cavaradossi and with a rush of broken words tries to calm him, while Scarpia answers with a sardonic smile. Pour out the last dregs of your vile soul! Go, for you die, the hangman's noose awaits you. Sciarrone and the policemen seize Cavaradossi and drag him towards the door. Tosca makes a supreme effort to hold on to him, but they thrust her brutally aside. The door closes and Scarpia and Tosca remain alone. You rather! He goes to the table, notes his supper interrupted midway, and again is calm and smiling.

La povera mia cena fu interrotta. Vede Tosca abbattuta, immobile, ancora presso la porta. Cosi accasciata? Via, mia bella signora, sedete qui.

Il Pumminale

Volete che cerchiamo insieme il modo di salvarlo? Tosca si scuote e lo guarda; Scarpia sorride sempre e si siede, accennando in pari tempo di sedere a Tosca. E allor sedete, e favelliamo.

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E intanto un sorso. Riempie il bicchiere e lo porge a Tosca. Un sorso per rincorarvi. Se la giurata fede debbo tradir, ne voglio altra mercede. My poor supper was interrupted. Come, my fair lady. Sit down here. Shall we try to find together a way to save him? Tosca bestirs herself and looks at him.

Scarpia, still smiling, sits down and motions to her to do the same. Well then, sit down, and we shall talk. And first, a sip of wine. It comes from Spain.