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With remarkable nuance, outstanding biographer Dallas Morning News Mark Ribowsky traces their roots from red-clay Mississippi. From patriarch Archie's heyday at Ole Miss, with its complicated history, to the rise of his Super Bowl champion sons Peyton and Eli, a complex new cultural reality emerges. Drawing on dozens of new interviews, Ribowsky shows that the path to football immortality has not always been smooth, nor completely glorious. The result is a distinctly American saga of a flawed lineage that forever changed the game.

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Max Einstein is not your typical genius. Okay that's just in her imagination But everything changes when Max is recruited by a mysterious organization! Their mission: solve some of the world's toughest problems using science. She's helped by a diverse group of young geniuses from around the globe as they invent new ways to power the farthest reaches of the planet. But that's only if the sinister outfit known only as The Corporation doesn't get to her first Max Einstein is a heroine for the modern age and will be looked up to by readers for generations to come.

She's not the earthling he wants. Maya's been raised to believe in aliens, and when she saves one from drowning, she can't resist taking him home-and into her bed. Lex's mission to collect his mate has been fraught with difficulties, and to add even more trouble to the mix, he finds himself attracted to the wrong earthling-a curvy human who makes him question tradition. Things get complicated in New Mexico because the military's on the hunt for an ET, Maya's determined to do what's right, and Lex finds himself in the biggest battle of all-the one between his heart and his honor.

Searching for answers, Clara soon finds herself in a magical world-the Four Realms-where she meets a host of colorful and curious new friends and discovers the fascinating link between the Realms and her dear mother. But when she learns that the Realms are in danger of being destroyed, Clara vows to help. Years earlier, Clara's mother, Marie, is a lonely orphan adopted by an eccentric inventor. She stumbles upon an unbelievable place and decides to apply her mechanical skills in magical ways. But as time passes, Marie finds she must make a choice between the real world and this magical world of her dreams.

Follow the incredible adventures of an inventor on a journey through a wondrous world and her daughter determined to protect it. Hell, she hasn't stopped thinking about her since that day their eyes first met! The only problem is that Claire gets too nervous to even say Hi when they pass on the sidewalk. It's going to take a bit of a ruse to make a connection.

Will the salon girl freak out, or will Claire get the pedicure of a lifetime? Two people heading to the altar. One hundred fifty guests. The groom, Hank Jackson, not a member. Not a Jew. The couple of the hour, however, is beside the point, because We Are Gathered belongs to the guests. Among them, Carla, Elizabeth's quick-witted, ugly duckling childhood best friend turned Hollywood film scout, whose jaundiced view of the drama that is an American wedding provides a lens of humor and its corollary, deep compassion for the supporting actors who steal the show; Elizabeth's great-aunt Rachel, a Holocaust survivor from Germany who is still navigating a no-man's-land between cultures and identities decades after escaping from the forests of Europe; Elizabeth's wheelchair-bound grandfather Albert, who considers his legacy as a man, both in the boardroom and the bedroom; and Annette, the mother of the bride herself, reminded now of her youthful indiscretions in love and motherhood.

James Patterson's bestselling Middle School series is now a major motion picture! After a mostly-successful stint at Hills Village Middle School, Rafe is excited to visit the incredible city of London with his class.

See a Problem?

Sightseeing around a foreign country sounds like a blast, until Rafe finds out his roommate will be none other than Miller the Killer, bully extraordinaire! Then Rafe is forced to work on a class project side by side with his crush Jeanne Galletta and her too-perfect boyfriend, which might be even more torturous than rooming with Miller.

And it's no surprise that Rafe's bad luck follows him across the pond, putting him in one crazy situation after another - all under the watchful eye of his bad-tempered principal. Out of all of his adventures, this trip could prove to be Rafe's most embarrassing yet, undoing everything good he has going for him back home! When Grandma Della said the blues wouldn't put food on the table, Muddy didn't listen.

And when record producers told him that no one wanted to listen to a country boy playing country blues, Muddy ignored them as well. This tenacious streak carried Muddy from the hardscrabble fields of Mississippi to the smoky juke joints of Chicago and finally to a recording studio where a landmark record was made. Soon the world fell in love with the tough spirit of Muddy Waters. In blues-infused prose and soulful illustrations, Michael Mahin and award-winning artist Evan Turk tell Muddy's fascinating and inspiring story of struggle, determination, and hope.

Jeremy Howick draws on the latest peer-reviewed medical studies to arm readers with scientific evidence that will empower them to make sensible choices about what drugs to take, what drugs to give their children, and when and when not to simply let the body do its thing. Jeremy Howick explains in this groundbreaking book.

Wealthy countries have become highly dependent on medical intervention: On average, one-fifth of all Americans, half of the elderly British, and two-thirds of older Canadians take at least five prescription drugs per day, their lives a nonstop ritual of pill popping and managing side effects.

One in ten people takes antidepressants, and millions of boys who can't sit still in school are prescribed methamphetamines. Skyrocketing global healthcare costs render this overmedication increasingly unaffordable. Gym Teacher's Ultimatum. George Boxlicker. Bebe Lix. Daniella Donati.

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