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In reality, your results might have been 4 heads and 6 tails or another nonand-5 result.

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These numbers would be your experimental probabilities. In this example, they are 4 out of 10 0. When you repeated the 10 coin tosses, you probably ended up with a different result in the second round. The same was probably true for the 30 coin tosses. Even when you added up all 50 coin tosses, you most likely did not end up in a perfectly even probability for heads and tails.

What Are the Chances? Probability Made Clear

You likely observed a similar phenomenon when rolling the dice. Instead of rolling each number 17 percent out of your total rolls, you might have rolled them more or less often. If you continued tossing the coin or rolling the dice, you probably have observed that the more trials coin tosses or dice rolls you did, the closer the experimental probability was to the theoretical probability.

Overall these results mean that even if you know the theoretical probabilities for each possible outcome, you can never know what the actual experimental probabilities will be if there is more than one outcome for an event. This activity brought to you in partnership with Science Buddies. You have free article s left.

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See Subscription Options. Prepare a second tally sheet to count how often you have rolled each number with the die.

Procedure Calculate the theoretical probability for a coin to land on heads or tails, respectively. Write the probabilities in fraction form. What is the theoretical probability for each side? Now get ready to toss your coin. Out of the 10 tosses, how often do you expect to get heads or tails? Toss the coin 10 times. After each toss, record if you got heads or tails in your tally sheet. Count how often you got heads and how often you got tails.

Write your results in fraction form. The denominator will always be the number of times you toss the coin, and the numerator will be the outcome you are measuring, such as the number of times the coin lands on tails. You could also express the same results looking at heads landings for the same 10 tosses.

Doctrine of the maturity of the chances

Do your results match your expectations? Do another 10 coin tosses. Do you expect the same results? Why or why not? Compare your results from the second round with the ones from the first round. Are they the same? During a thunderstorm, you should avoid using the phone as telephone lines conduct electricity.

Similarly, stay away from sinks and taps, as metal pipes can also be conductors. It you are in an exposed place such as a field, squat close to the ground, with hands on knees and with head tucked between them. Try to touch as little of the ground with your body as possible, and do not lie down on the ground.

If you are in a tent, then stay away from metal poles. What are the chances of being struck by lightning? Oct 1, Peter Kneffel. See related. Amazing filming and plot. Stern attended Gallaudet University in Washington, D.

Charles Kettering - Keep on going and the chances are you

She has been seen in popular TV shows such as Weeds, Lie to Me and Jericho, in addition to two scene-stealing appearances on Supernatural , in a role that was written with her in mind. Feldman also attended Gallaudet University.

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