Manual Warnings to the Seven Churches: Parasites in the Body of Christ

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Any member of the Orthodox Church who is in good standing with their Faith can be laid out in our temple; in fact, I would even encourage it! Not only is this far more in keeping with the historical tradition of the Ancient Church, but the prayerful atmosphere of these surroundings is conducive to assuaging grief and offering comfort to the bereaved. The soul of the deceased loved one would, obviously feel greater peace at being in the House of God, also. What does the Orthodox Church say about organ donation?

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The Orthodox Church has set guidelines regarding the celebration of weddings. John Jan. John the Baptist Aug. Greece, Russia, Romania, Serbia, etc where such practices are the cultural norm. Therefore, a type of dispensation or economia is often necessary and practiced as a pastoral discretion in America. Archbishop Job, of blessed memory, tried very hard to institute a reform to this issue of Saturday weddings throughout the diocese, while at the same time giving some parishes including our own a blessing to continue performing marriages on Saturday.

Bishop Matthias, on the other hand, has conveyed through our Diocesan Chancellor, Archpriest John Zdinak, and our Dean, Archpriest Andrew Clements, that he does not consider this to be an issue and will allow Saturday weddings to take place within the Diocese of the Midwest. I found this refreshing. After further thought it came to me that visitors might find it more welcoming; especially non-cradle Orthodox. Has there been any thought of changing this practice at St.

In cultures throughout the world there exists both a formal and an informal means of personal pronouns.

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In other words, a formal and informal way of speaking when addressing an individual via the degree of familiarity you enjoy. This, then, also carried over in how we addressed God in our speech and prayer life. What does the Orthodox Church teach about abortion? In the eyes of the Church all life is viewed as being sacred and we respect life on "both sides" of the birth canal. The Orthodox Church considers conception to be the very beginning and moment when that life is formed.

John the Forerunner September Based upon the Bible, our Theology, and Dogma, the Orthodox Church considers abortion to be sinful and wrong. Therefore, a woman who has an abortion or any individual who performs one is considered to have committed an immoral act and must confess this during the Sacrament of Penance. I have heard twice in the recent past where people have referred to Roman Catholics as not being Christians. How can this be? Here is one of the actual conversations.

I'm Catholic. Oh, I thought you were a Christian. This is a simple mistake many people often make while discussing their religious beliefs: confusing religion with denomination.

Manual Warnings to the Seven Churches: Parasites in the Body of Christ

The word religion comes to us from Latin and literally means, "to bind together. Through the years this word has been molded — and even relegated — to categorize spiritual belief. Therefore, in the broadest sense, the word religion would describe any group who espoused a common spiritual theme i. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc. Denomination, on the other hand and for lack of better terminology might best be defined as a "subset" of religious belief. By way of example we can state that within the Christian Faith there are [unfortunately] numerous denominations i.

Therefore, in a hyper-rhetorical context, if you are ever asked what your "religion" is, the correct answer would be to say, "I'm a Christian. What does the Orthodox Church say about superstitions? Edmund Burke once wrote that, "Superstition is the religion of feeble minds" because, superstitions are often perpetuated through fear and ignorance. Thus, the literal translation would mean to dwell upon a situation — especially a tragic one - and devise a reason for why it occurred.

Superstitious people generally convince themselves that there must be ulterior reasons as to why bad things happen; seeking a type of "cause and effect" solution rather than accepting the fact that there are accidents in nature.

5 Things That Cause Us to Drift Spiritually

Giving into silly superstitions, however, is yet another means by which the Devil is able to play upon man's own fears to weaken his faith and discredit God's authority in the process. Is it a sin to have a face-lift or get breast implants? This is a really interesting question, but let's back up a little. As hard as I try to hold on to my faith, I sometimes go through periods of doubt. Can you give me any advice? Having faith and professing faith are often two separate issues. It is usually far easier to say what it is that one believes rather than to actually believe it in your heart.

This is because the very nature of faith presents such a difficulty to the frailty of our human condition; posing a constant struggle that all Christians must grapple with. Therefore, by its sheer definition and utter intangibility, faith seems to automatically dictate that you will undergo moments or periods of doubt throughout life. One might even go as far to say that a person of faith who has never experienced doubt is really not a person of faith, because this is how closely these two polarities have come to be linked.

In the end, there is no easy answer to your question; nor is there a quick solution to the problem. When should we begin or start our fast prior to receiving Holy Communion? When fasting for an evening service such as the Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified Gifts, the typical practice is that you fast from your noon meal onward although a more ancient practice is to fast fully from breakfast time. This protocol places no impediments upon the practice of good oral hygiene. Those who are preparing to receive the Eucharist may still brush their teeth, rinse with water, and use mouth wash before coming to services.

If you have a specific question regarding your own unique situation, please discuss this with the priest individually or during your next Confession. In this way a determination will be made upon a case by case basis. What draws someone to become a monk or nun? Monasticism as been a formal component of the Church since the end of the Third Century.

The 7 Churches of Revelation (Ephesus) — Its Background

It is generally believed to have blossomed in the barren deserts of Egypt through such persons as St. Paul of Thebes and St. Anthony the Great However, it can also be said that certain elements of monasticism began budding forth as far back as Old Testament times. Even most of the prophets — and quite notably St. John the Forerunner — were archetypal figures of this ascetic lifestyle. Some sought out these holy ones for spiritual council and guidance, while others turned to them for encouragement and support.

Eventually these monastics banded together to form small sketes or monasteries in order to live a common life in Christ; sort of like a Christian commune. If you have never visited a monastery, it is truly a worthwhile experience — especially during the Lenten seasons when such pilgrimages are popular.

In the Cleveland area we are fortunate to have a number of local monastic communities: St. John the Theologian Monastery near Hiram, St. Gregory Palamas in Hayesville, OH. Can you offer me any advice? Because of a general lack of faith, it might seem that money given in charity is sometimes almost thrown away or lost.

Paul speaks of in his second epistle to the Corinthians Like all acts of charity, donations should be given freely, but with great care and reverence. They should be thought through with a full understanding of the circumstances and offered in a desire to please God. How and what we give correlates to how we view and respect the Gospel. Charity becomes a measure to our thankfulness and depicts, at least in a physical sense, the love we have for God; manifested by the ability to give of our treasure to a greater Treasure.

In so doing, God will always allow His grace to abound in us. It will multiply and increase in direct proportion to how well we divest ourselves of greed and want. Then, God will not only cause us to have enough in all things, but to also be content with what we do have. All we have to do is trust in God and show the reality of our subjection to the gospel which calls us to be charitable. What can I do to make the Advent Season more relevant and improve my spiritual life?

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This type of an attitude is obviously the first step needed in such a situation: to have the desire to love God and grow in your faith. Why do I always feel so ashamed when I come to Confession? On the one hand, we should feel shame while confessing our sins. Shame is an offshoot of guilt, and feeling guilty at ones sin is an important component to repentance; it proves that we recognize our fault and have a desire to change.

John Chrysostom, however, reminds us that instead of feeling shame when we repent, we should be more ashamed in the moment when we sin. John, great sermon on [January 23rd]!

Who Is The Woman Who Rides The Beast in Revelation 17?

Please help us to become better givers. Thanks, that sermon did generate a lot of positive feedback, which made me feel quite good for three very specific reasons. First and foremost it showed that the level of spiritual awareness and maturity of our parishioners is on the rise. Matthew Financial support of the church is a sacrificial offering to God — a gift of thanksgiving.