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Such kind of fiction tells women that it is okay to be a doormat. Nothing romantic about that, really. To give her unaccustomed body at least a little time to adjust to the stark reality of his penetration of her.

Yet she did nothing, said nothing, determined not to grant him the satisfaction of knowing that anything he did could affect her in any way — pleasure or pain. I hardly think so. In , academic Val Derbyshire had written a paper that contended that MBs should be re-read from a feminist perspective. She argued that the male hero in the books is often forced to acknowledge his sexism and change his ways as a result of falling in love with the heroine. However, the assertion that these books in any way perpetuate feminism or empower women, is a stretch.

Having said that, recent titles have made the leap into the 21 st century and, in general, seem to have empowered the heroines. The newer books feature sexually assertive women from all walks of life, seeking to satisfy a gamut of needs and trying to do the best that they can. Not all the female characters end up with their man and many find an inner feminism, which resolves their conflict. Expectations, realistic or unrealistic, have always been the thorn in relationships. It is hard not to have expectations from the one you love.

Love is a beautiful thing and those who have it in their lives are truly blessed. However, love can often be painful and messy. It can turn our worlds topsy-turvy, throwing us into the vortex of pain. Do you think that they skew our perception of what romance is like in real life?

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